Trauma Training - Stage 4: An exploration around complex trauma and integration from dissociation

Date & Time:

Monday 27 June 2022 (10:00 - 15:30)


Online via Teams/Zoom, N/A


The training will aim to achieve the following outcomes. The student will be
able to:

  • Understand complex trauma symptoms
  • Understand the Dissociation Continuum and dissociation
  • Understand an overview of different theories; Putnam; Watkins and Watkins; Daisy Theory.
  • Understand how safety is central
  • Understand the central issues of neuroception and interoception
  • Understand how the poly vagal theory is a useful framework to use when explaining trauma symptoms.
  • Understand how symptoms can be reduced through relationship skills and other important factors.

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Trauma Training - Stage 3: An Exploration of the Impact of Shame and other Trauma symptoms (Attended or Completed no longer than 12 month(s) prior to this event)

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Betsy de Thierry

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Online via Teams/Zoom, N/A